5 Reasons Why Laser Cutting Is So Good For The Retail Sector

1. Flexibility

Laser cutting is probably the most flexible manufacturing process in today’s modern engineering sector. If a part can be drawn it can generally be cut so no matter how bespoke or outlandish the requirement laser cutting can find a solution.

2. Materials

The following material can be laser cut giving the retails sector a wide range of choice when choosing materials:

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Coated mild steel


3. Fast Turnaround

Most shop-fitting contracts have to be carried out within a very short time frame to minimise the loss of revenues from shops being closed.  Because laser cut parts do not need any tooling this means that parts can be produced on the same day, overnight or on a weekend.

4. Press Braking

Most laser cutting companies offer a press braking service, this means that parts can be folded after being laser cut. Most folding with a press brake is done with standard tooling so laser cut and folded parts can be made available at very short notice. The laser cut and folded solution is especially useful for shelving and point of display manufacture.

5. Aesthetics

Laser cutting is also great for producing aesthetically attractive displays that have lettering or engraving. In addition, material can be cut and supplied with a plastic coating attached to the steel. This coating can then be peeled off when assembly is complete which protects the steel against damage during manufacture or transit.

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