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The parts in this picture have been oxygen cut on our L20 CO2 laser. Once formed, they will become mounting brackets for the yellow goods sector.


These parts have been nitrogen cut on our largest format machine, L50 fibre. These have been cut with nitrogen and will later be pressed by our customer to be used on prestigious luxury cars. Cut from 2mm thick 5251 H22 aluminium to ensure the final part is both lightweight and strong.


These parts have been oxygen cut, again on our L20 CO2 machine and are also being folded by us. As pre – galvanised steel is only available up to 5mm thick, these will be sent for electro galvanising before being used by our customer in the construction industry. The galvanised coating ensures that these parts will withstand the wide array of the great British weather!


This is of a large panel, approximately 2.5 metres x 1.5 metres. Which we have folded to customer requirements for a one off special flat bed truck conversion.