High Volume Laser Cutting

Traditionally laser cutting was associated with lower volume production, however, increases in technology mean that high volume laser cutting is now more cost effective than traditional methods such as tooling.

Benefits of High Volume Laser Cutting:

The main benefit of high volume laser cutting is the ability to react to customers schedules that tend to increase or decrease at sort notice. This is especially relevant in today’s global economy where companies do not want to tie up large amounts of cash in stock. Generally, laser cutting can be carried out with the minimum of set-up meaning that spikes in demand can be catered for with very short lead times.

Users of High Volume Laser Cutting:

One of the main users of high volume laser cutting is the automotive industry where requirements are in the millions. The automotive industry utilises laser cutting for almost every area from bracketry to skin panels.

However, other industries also use high volume laser cutting such as the construction and white goods markets where the flexibility and advances in speed of laser cutting means that designers are continually finding new uses for utilising high volume laser cutting.


From time to time high volume laser cut parts will require a modification, this can often be a long drawn out process when using traditional methods such as cutting tools or CNC machining centres. With laser cutting modifications such as an additional hole or slot are simulated offline using CAD software which is much quicker than manually modifying tools. Furthermore, the flexibility of laser cutting means that modified parts can be produced alongside existing parts until the modification is fully adopted.

How is High Volume Laser Cutting made Possible?

In order to facilitate high volume laser cutting system suppliers such as Trumpf, Bystronic & Amada have spent millions of pounds investing in automation. For flatbed laser cutting machines this means utilising two tables – one can be cutting whilst the other is being unloaded by the laser operator.  In addition, laser cutting machines can be specified using fully automated material loading and unloading that allows round the clock unmanned production.

There have also been many improvements in the production capabilities of 5 axis laser cutting over the past few years. This includes the use of split cabins and also rotating tables, all of these are designed to enable parts to be loaded without stopping Production.

What high volume laser cutting services are offered by GF Laser:

All of the laser cutting machines at GF Laser have some kind of automation which allows us to cut parts in the millions. We also operate 24 hours a day seven days a week allowing us to match the production needs of our customers.

We are also experienced with working to Kanban or Just In Time production requirements that are part and parcel of high volume laser cutting.