June Laser Cutting Projects


This picture shows a completed batch of Laser cut parts which we process on a regular basis to meet our customers ongoing needs. These oxygen cut parts, which we are able to produce on any of our three Trumpf Laser machines, are used in conjunction with a main ‘wrapper section’ which is also folded by us on our Amada brake press machines. Both sections are shipped to our customer’s approved company for assembling and full water tight welding so that these are fit for their purpose of use within heating systems, on both domestic, and commercial systems.

This picture shows Laser cut parts, produced using the cutting gas Oxygen, post vibro – deburring. As these parts will later be used within the ‘Yellow goods sector’ it is important that paint adhesion, and overall protection from the elements, is as high as possible. The deburring process removes the ‘oxidised layer’ generated from laser cutting which would jeopardise the bond between the component, and the finish.

Shown within this picture is our Trumpf 3030, 3.2Kw CO2 laser cutting machine. With a maximum bed size of 3000 x 1500mm, coupled with the ability to cut up to 20mm thick mild steel, this machine is fit for producing components with a vast array of designs, and functions to meet ever growing demands. Regular scheduled maintenance, as well as the vast knowledge and experience that our combined team have for the technologies we operate, allow us to maximise our ability to deliver components at a consistent high quality level.