June Laser Cutting Work

Shown within this image is a completed batch of laser cut blanks awaiting the next stage of manufacture. These 2mm thick parts, cut from readily available CR4 material on our diverse range of Trumpf Laser machines with Oxygen gas, are now awaiting the folding process. Not only providing strength, but to create the final required design, the folding is carried out through the use of our created multi stage program to both ensure accuracy and best efficiency on such a large volume project. After completion of press brake operations, these parts will them be welded in house, before being transport by our own fleet to a our approved powder coating firm for a fresh coat!

Would you believe once folded these parts measure just 20mm in length! Nitrogen laser cut from 1mm thick Aluminium these brackets have recently been produced in relatively high volume. By ‘nesting’ these parts as economically as possible we have been able to yield a high number of parts using minimal material, enabling cost savings to be passed on.

Shown here is a large Nitrogen laser cut component from 1.5mm thick, DP1 stainless steel. A highly sort after finish on stainless steel, brushed finish is both aesthetically pleasing and ideal for a wide range of uses. A good way to protect such a finish is to apply the Nitto coating seen in the pictorial. As different Laser sources, Fibre/CO2, behave differently when vaporising through the plastic adhesive coating, particular coatings have been designed for use with each. Processed on our 3030 Trumpf 4Kw fibre laser this part is now ready for despatch to our valued customer, still with all protective coating completely intact; much different to coatings of old where blowing off was a real concern!