Laser Cutting Projects February2019

This image shows a free issued pressing from our customer which we have added additional holes in for the mounting of ancillaries. As each of the 2mm thick pressings has been originally manufactured from aluminium, they are deceptively lightweight. This property is a main factor given that these will later be used within the automotive sector. By using the 3-dimensional cad model of the pressed part, we were able to create a fixture specifically for the purpose of holding this pressing, whilst ensuring that none of the structure of the fixture would become intrusive to our operations. On our 7040, 5 Axis Trumpf Laser cutting machine we have precisely added, with the use of Nitrogen cutting gas, the required holes to a very fine positional tolerance


This image is of a 1.5mm stainless steel component, formed by our sister company by our Nitrogen laser cut flat blanks. Once formed we then process these in our 5 axis department and Laser cut the excess material, from the pressing operation, from the outside edges of each part. This creates the final component for use on an assembly within the automotive sector.

This image shows parts recently completed by us, for use in the yellow goods sector. The strength of components is vital for every component; whether it be the largest, or the smallest. S355 Mild steel is well known for its increased strength in comparison to the more widely used and readily available alternatives. Once Laser cut using oxygen gas on our range of both CO2 and the very latest Fiber Trumpf Lasers, these parts are vibro deburred to remove the oxide layer. Something of great importance for the longevity of the paint finish to later be applied. To add more strength to an already robust component we process each of these through our Press brake department; adding multiple complex folds before despatching to our customer in high volumes.