March Laser Cutting Projects

This image shows completed tubular sections ready for despatch to our customer to become used within the yellow goods industry. Each one of these formed mild steel tubular sections which were supplied to us cut to the required lengths by our customer. We regularly process these in high batch volumes in our five axis department. By utilising our 7040 Trumpf 3.2Kw split cabin production five axis laser machine, we can maintain a high run rate by means of unloading, checking and loading one cabin, whilst the other is cutting. Resulting in non-stop production; keeping costs competitive.

This image shows a completed component which has required lengthy development and trials to completely meet our customer’s needs. Each of these large components will become a major structural piece for new public transport vehicles being produced as part of a large project we are involved with. By using 5mm S355 Mild Steel material; backed up by full traceability as part of the ISO9001:2018 accreditation, full traceability and quality testing is available. With the aid of our Amada specific software package; allowing us to view and manipulate the dimensionally accurate 3D model of this folded component before testing physical parts on our Amada HFE3i brake press; with 4 metres of bend length, and 220 tonnes of force, we were able to ensure that even the smallest of details was accounted for to result in the completed and 100% correct part.

illustrated within this image are 3mm thick, S355 mild steel Laser Cut parts. Cut on our Trumpf 3030 CO2 3.2kw flatbed laser machine, using oxygen gas. The holes within parts both decrease overall weight and allow for the routing of cables and ancillaries. These parts will later be used within the automotive industry on chassis sections for a number of public transport vehicles.