Shown here is a preformed panel, measuring roughly 2.5 metres in length that has been processed on our Trumpf 7040 3.2Kw Trumpf five axis laser machine. We maximised the machine’s cutting angle capability to remove a precise section of material to make way for glazing when fully assembled. These 1.5mm thick mild steel pressings, supplied free issue in bulk from our customer have been treated with the highest care. To secure in machine during laser processing, we looked at suction devices, specifically tailored for each of the many slightly different versions, in terms of both panel shape/form and cutting details, of these panels so as to not be affected by the areas being removed.

Pictured here is a free issue formed aluminium part, destined for use within the automotive sector by a luxury brand. As a first class finish is required, we have implemented certain procedures, like specific packaging and handling techniques to ensure that the surface is maintained. From receiving the pressings from our customer, we process these within our state of art five axis laser cutting cell, consisting of two Trumpf machines. During the laser cutting stage, the excess material created from the pressing operation is removed with a high level of accuracy to leave only the final outer contour.

From receiving preformed tubing from our customer, we are able to accurately produce in high volume quality parts for an array of sectors. Shown within this picture are a completed batch of five axis laser cut formed tubes where we have added both the scalloped end and notch in side in one process. Our in house designed and manufactured laser jig, compatible with either of our Trumpf machines within our Five axis divisions, holds multiple parts to ensure not only repeatability, but competitive pricing for our customer also.

Shown here is actually a section of one of our in house designed and manufactured fixtures for 5 axis laser processing of preformed parts. These can be made in a variety of formations to suit almost any shape/ design of part whilst ensuring that our processes are not impeded by it. We actively strife to offer as wide array of products and services to our customers. For more information on our five axis lasering capabilities, please do not hesitate to get in touch.