May Laser Cutting Projects

shown within this photograph are 0.5mm thick parts, recently laser cut using compressed air on our L20 3.2kw CO2 laser from 430 bright annealed stainless steel for our customer who specialises in passive fire retention systems. Each of these laser cut blanks is to be formed by our customer and further fire retardant material added to ensure they are fit for the very important function which they are specifically designed to undertake. By implementing specific in-process measures we are able ensure that all parts are supplied as clean and free from residual items as much as possible. We often produce these in high volumes to meet our customer’s needs; whilst ensuring we remain as competitive as possible.

This image shows a batch of recently completed pressings from our 5 axis department. Each of these pressings has been free issued to us by our customer after completing their forming operation to attain the specific shape shown. Each of these parts, which will later become heat shields within the automotive sector, is created using an advanced assortment of differing material to ensure maximum heat reflection. This in turn allows the components surrounding this heat shield the increased life cycle, minimising premature failure; resulting in costly and timely repairs. Something which nobody wishes to happen.

This image shows parts produced from 10mm thick 5251 Aluminium using Nitrogen Gas on our L50 3.2kw Trumpf fiber laser machine. By utilising the most modern of technologies and through our highly experienced workforce; we are able to offer the highest of cut quality for a wide array of varying materials and thicknesses.

Shown within this photograph is a large batch of pre – formed tubing awaiting to be processed within our Five- Axis department. With our in house, designed and manufactured fixture, we are able to process these on either of our current two Trumpf five axis CO2 laser machines; utilising Oxygen cutting gas. This allows increased flexibility and ensuring we remain as competitive as possible for our valued customers. Once the required cutting has been completed, each of these mild steel formed tube sections will be used in the Yellow goods sector.

This image illustrates a completed batch of several thousand Bright annealed 430 Stainless steel components. Each of these parts, measuring just 0.5mm in thickness, and Laser cut using Compressed air as the cutting gas, is destined to be used within the Passive Fire Protection industry. The utilisation of Compressed Air as a cutting gas ensures that our costs remain as competitive as possible without affecting our high quality levels.