A Period of Expansion & Development

New Premises & Trumpf Laser

It’s been another busy period of growth here at GF Laser with our fifth laser installed in the summer. With limited space at our existing site we took the decision to take on an additional unit less than a mile from our headquarters in Dudley. We plan to expand this unit over the coming months with more machinery as we continue to add more capacity.

Partnership To Offer One Stop Shop

Our sister company Moseley Brothers has also enjoyed a successful year with the launch of a new division MB Presswork. This new division builds on the foundation of the toolmaking business with capacity available to provide low volume press production. In addition, GF Laser and Moseley Brothers are increasingly working together on large projects for the automotive and yellow goods sectors. The joint offering has the ability to provide flat and 5 axis laser cutting, press braking, traditional presswork and toolmaking under one roof. Customers benefit from having a single point of contact and they can save time and money by using one supplier instead of three or four.

Nitrogen Expansion For Fibre Lasers

Back to our new site, GF Laser installed a large 30,000 litre Nitrogen tank to serve the new laser cutting machine. This reflects our increasing need for Nitrogen as the new generation of fiber lasers use substantially more gas when compared to older CO2 machines. The new tank has a telemetry system linked to our supplier so that they can automatically deliver as and when required.

Fibre Lasers For Burr Free Aluminium Cutting

We are also seeing an increase in the requirement for laser cutting aluminium which we cut with Nitrogen. In the past laser cutting companies have not always offered an aluminium cutting service as it tends to need a number of test cuts in order to achieve a burr free finish. However, we are finding that our new Fibre lasers cut burr free with minimal setup due to the technological advances made by our preferred suppliers Trumpf.

New Staff

Expansion of production has meant an increase in staff to help cope with the increased demand.
We have boosted our estimating team over the past few weeks so all quotes are accurate and turned around in as quick a time as possible which can be important on urgent projects.
We can help you with your ongoing and new laser cutting needs no matter the size or turnaround time. Contact the team today and let us help.

Simon Tregillus | Director

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You can contact me through LinkedIn https://uk.linkedin.com/in/simon-tregillus-5ab05b10