What is your minimum charge for laser cutting?

Our Minimum Charges Explained:

Although we used to have a minimum charge across the board we now offer a more flexible pricing structure in order to keep prices competitive. However, like most businesses operating in todays high inflation environment we have had to increase costs overall.

Flat Laser Cutting

For laser cutting only we usually start at £120.00. However, we may be able to offer some discounts if we are able to group numerous low volume jobs, that use common material, together. Please note though for more unusual or expensive materials the price may be higher as we will need to charge for a full sheet as we may not be able to sell any remaining material.

5 Axis Laser Cutting

5 axis laser cutting minimum charges usually start around £250.00 which reflects the fixture manufacture and longer machine setup time associated with this type of laser processing.

Press Brake 

For the majority of our customers we laser cut parts and then fold using one of our Amada press brakes. Typically for laser cut and folded parts the minimum charge will be £170.00. Please note that this will increase if specialist tooling is required.

Ancillary Work

For ancillary operations such as Powder Coating and Deburring minimum charges usually start around £100.00.

If you have any laser cutting enquiries, flat or 5 axis, please send them to a member of our sales team today.