Cutting by Metal

Cutting by Metal

Stainless steel laser cutting service

Stainless Steel Laser Cutting

Due to its corrosion resistant nature, the improved aesthetics.
Mild steel laser cutting service

Mild Steel Laser Cutting

Mild steel laser cutting is one of the most versatile materials.
Galvanised steel laser cutting service

Galvanised Steel Laser Cutting

We are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of laser cut pre galvanised mild steel.
Copper, brass and bronze laser cutting service

Brass & Bronze

Using the latest fibre laser technology means we are able to offer laser cutting of so called yellow metals.

Aluminium Laser Cutting

Burr free aluminium laser cutting using CO2 and Fibre Lasers.

Precision Metal Laser
Cutting Services

5 Axis Laser Cutting

Our core metal laser cutting service that we’ve built our reputation on.

Flat Bed Laser Cutting

Our Trumpf Fibre Laser cutting machines are equipped with the latest in technology .

Sheet Metal Bending

Folding service utilising CNC press brake cell.
3d laser scanning service

3D Laser Scanning Service

GF Laser has the very latest Faro 3D Laser Scanner, available as a standalone service or as part of an overall engineering project.
Laser prototyping service

Laser Prototyping

Laser Cutting is often used to prototype components as they can be produced quickly and design changes can be incorporated without incurring expensive tooling costs.
Powder coating and metal painting parts

Metal Powder Coating

GF Laser use a number of approved powder coating companies in order to provide a quality powder coating service.

Formed Tube Laser Cutting

We use Trumpf Lasers throughout the business as they provide the best quality cut without compromising on speed.