5 axis laser cutting of spinnings is a popular method of putting holes and apertures into a spun component which otherwise would not be possible. GF Laser have experience in cutting small and large spinnings for many applications.

In order to successfully five axis laser cut a spinning or spinnings we would go through the following process:

STEP ONE:  Receive CAD file from customer detailing what is required.

STEP TWO: If necessary we would produce a model if 3D CAD is not available.

STEP THREE: The CAD model is processed using our offline software programme to define the cutting and travel paths of the laser head.

STEP FOUR: A fixture to hold the spinning is automatically designed by the software and then tweaked to take into account any special requirements. The fixture is designed with a datum point etched onto the fixture so that the laser can define the position of the part relevant to the fixture.

STEP FIVE: The fixture is cut using one of our flatbed laser cutting machines using 3mm mild steel. The fixture is then assembled and welded together.

STEP SIX: The job is loaded onto the laser at the allocated Production time.

STEP SEVEN: The five axis laser programme is sent to the laser from the offline programming centre.

STEP EIGHT: The fixture is positioned on the 5 axis laser and the laser operator enters the position of the fixture into the CNC laser programme. The machine now knows where the fixture / part is located within the cabin.

STEP NINE: Using a manual control function the operator performs a dry run around the part checking for any collisions or mismatches. If any changes are required these can be made offline, our split cabin production cell allows the operator to carry on with another job whilst these changes are being made.

STEP TEN: If the Operator is happy that the programme is fit for purpose a first off part is cut.

STEP ELEVEN: The first off part is checked for dimensional accuracy and cut quality, any changes are again made offline. Once the part is checked the operator or inspector signs the Works Order and production commences.

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