UK Laser Cutting Services

We provide a wide range of laser cutting services in a variety of materials. We can help improve the efficiency of your production with short trial times for new parts, high cutting quality and less refinishing work.

Laser cut parts

Flatbed Laser Cutting

Fastest turnaround, unrivalled quality and competitive prices on flatbed laser cutting of a variety of sheet metals.

Mild Steel Laser Cutting

Mild steel laser cutting is perhaps one of the most widely used applications of laser cutting. With the ability to cut from 0.5mm up to 20mm we can turn around your mild steel requirements in hours.


The corrosion resistant nature of stainless steel makes it a popular choice for lots of products. Although it is more expensive than mild steel the fact that it can stand up to harsh environments means that it is often the metal of choice where manufactured parts have to face up to the elements.

Galvanised Steel Laser Cutting

We are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of laser cut pre galvanised mild steel. We typically cut thicknesses from 0.8mm to 5mm.
Galvanised mild steel is extremely popular as it can be a cheaper option than other corrosion resistant metal.

Aluminium Laser Cutting Service

Fact: Many laser-cutting companies won’t laser cut aluminium because, without the right care and skills, aluminium burrs easily and is often hard to run. Also, its reflectivity can damage lasers.

Since the 1990s, we’ve built a solid reputation for laser cutting aluminium sheet. This includes cutting parts from 8 mm sheet and cutting 7 mm holes in 8 mm alloy. Here’s how we successfully work with this notoriously difficult-to-laser-cut metal and how we complete jobs within days, at competitive cost.

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Aluminium Laser Cutting Service

First, we understand and fully use our CO2 lasers’ advanced settings for high-quality aluminium laser cutting.
Second, reflection isn’t an issue with a high-speed Trumpf Fibre Laser cutter.
With two at our West Midlands site, there’s plenty of capacity to run your order quickly – another reason we deliver finished work so fast.

As well as reflectivity, burring issues with laser cut aluminium reflect the metal’s relative softness compared to, say, stainless steel. To overcome this, we invest in the right equipment and use its full potential. We also understand which aluminium grades run best, and apply constant attention during cutting – no wonder unburred 7 mm holes in 8 mm sheet are no problem.

Experience and advanced laser cutting facilities give you press-ready, precision-cut product every time. And with no need for separate, costly, deburring, we’re saving you even more time and money.

What Aluminium Thicknesses do we cut?

Customers value how we laser cut aluminium sheet with thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 12 mm. From experience, this covers most needs, including 8 mm sheet.

However, if you need thicker aluminium profiling than is possible with our laser cutting service, you’ll appreciate the convenience of the water jetting and machining we offer through approved suppliers.

By the way, we’re much more than just an aluminium cutting service. For your one-stop convenience, as well as laser cutting, ancillary services include aluminium folding, tapping, powder coating and drilling.


Maximum cutting dimensions:4000mm x 2000mm
Minimum cutting thickness:0.5mm
Maximum cutting thickness (Laser):12mm
Lead Time:24 hour turnaround available, please confirm at point of order
Tolerances:+/- 0.25mm as standard.+/- 0.1mm with prior technical approval
Grades:1050, 5083 and 5251 stocked, other grades available on next day service including treadplate
Cutting Gas:Nitrogen
Secondary Operations:Folding, drilling and tapping
Quality:Approved to ISO 9001:2008 and EN1090 (CE Marked)
Yellow Goods
Construction / Architectural



So why entrust us with your aluminium laser cutting?

Because we successfully overcome the toughest challenges of aluminium laser-cutting. For more on laser-cut aluminium challenges, including those caused by the reflectivity of sheet aluminium and pooled molten metal, The Welding Institute (TWI) website is helpful.

As an independent body, TWI bears out our commitment to consistent cutting parameters during the laser cutting process. And full exploitation of equipment capabilities. Such factors, plus long experience, mean we confidently laser-cut aluminium to the highest standards where others can’t (or won’t).

Like our 5-Axis Laser Cutting service, our aluminium cutting equipment meets demanding ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. And dedicated in-house quality control further reassures you that everything we cut is checked meticulously before dispatching your order – on schedule and often within a few days.

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Alternatively, call our sales team now on +44 (0)1384 245 095.

Copper, Brass & Bronze

Using the latest fiber laser technology means we can now offer laser cutting of so called yellow metals copper, brass and bronze. Previously cutting yellow metals with CO2 lasers was troublesome due to their highly reflective properties.

PRODUCTION FROM CAD / CAM: Using the latest laser programming systems we are able to produce parts using your CAD files.

ANCILLARY OPTIONS: We  offer a range of other services such as press braking, machining, drilling / tapping and powder coating.

24/7  LASER CUTTINGWe operate on a three shift basis allowing us to offer one of the fastest turnaround times for laser cutting in the UK.

INSPECTION DEPARTMENT: Our 3D laser inspection services can provide a wide range of inspection reports ensuring overall quality.

NATIONWIDE DELIVERY: Our convenient location near Birmingham in the centre of the UK and within easy reach of all the main motorway networks means we are able to provide a rapid delivery service – nationwide.