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Brass & Bronze


Using the latest fibre laser technology means we are able to offer laser cutting of so called yellow metals. Brass and bronze. Previously cutting yellow metals with CO2 lasers was troublesome due to their highly reflective properties, due to the possibility of causing permanent damage to the lenses, reflective mirrors,and resonator.

Most of the laser cutting we often process for our customers in this area tends to be using thin gauge, up to 3mm thick, although we are still able to process sheet sizes up to 4000mm x 2000mm. Laser cutting brass and bronze opens up a wealth of opportunities for product designers in architectural art, lighting and electronics where its use is widespread.
We are also now able to offer Five axis laser cutting of these Yellow metals on our Fibre five axis machine.


Maximum cutting dimensions:4000mm x 2000mm
Minimum cutting thickness:0.5mm
Maximum cutting thickness (Laser):3mm
Lead Time:24 hour turnaround available, please confirm at point of order
Tolerances:+/- 0.25mm as standard.+/- 0.1mm with prior technical approval
Grades:Various grades available on request
Cutting Gas:Nitrogen
Secondary Operations:Folding
Quality:Approved to ISO 9001:2015 and EN1090 (CE Marked)
Sectors:Architectural design
Creative Industries
Shopfitting / Point of sale

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