5 Axis Laser Cutting Services: Capacity Available.

GF Laser are one of the UK’s premier providers of 5 Axis Laser Cutting services.

5 Axis Laser Cutting for Industry

There are only a handful of laser cutting companies that offer 5 axis laser cutting services in the UK and only GF Laser offer a subcontract service which is backed up by the knowledge and expertise of our tooling sister company Moseley Brothers. This means we can offer a toolmaking, pressing and 5 axis laser cutting service under one roof.

We offer 5 axis laser cutting for the following:

Formed Tubes.

We can 5 axis laser cut parts made from mild steel (raw and galvanised), stainless steel and aluminium.

Laser Cut Pressings

GF Laser was set up back in 2006 to laser cut pressings for their sister company Moseley Brothers. Although the business has grown and now offers flat laser cutting, laser cutting pressings is still a key part of our business and expertise.

5 axis laser cutting is ideal for low volume production where is it uneconomical to manufacture press tools. GF Laser, however, provide a full pressing and laser cutting service in combination with Moseley Brothers. This is both for Production and Prototype work.

Laser Cut Extrusions

GF Laser have been cutting slots and apertures into extrusions for many years, we are able to cater for high volumes associated with this type of work and can also offer a collection and delivery service if required. We also use standard fixtures for extrusions that cater for different designs. This cuts down on the costs by reducing fixtures and simplifying part setup.

Laser Cut Spinnings

The practice of metal spinning has been around for many years but is not widely known about in industry. Spinnings have many uses including architectural, such as the Bullring in Birmingham, and GF Laser have also 5 axis laser cut spinnings for use in satellites and submersible vehicles. GF Laser can cut any hole or aperture into a spinning and can also cut peripheries where required.

Laser Cut Formed Tubes

GF Laser have also been offering a formed tube laser cutting service since 2006, 5 axis laser cutting is ideal for cutting apertures into tubes which are already formed. Many of the apertures we cut wouldn’t be possible in tubes before forming as they would distort where they are close to bend lines. In addition, laser cutting of formed tubes can be more cost effective than investing in expensive tooling.

5 axis laser cut formed tube

For further details on this service or any other laser cutting requirements please contact us today.