As part of ongoing plant investment and expansion, GF Laser has invested in the very latest Faro 3D Laser Scanner. This facility is available as a standalone service or as part of an overall engineering project.

The Faro laser scanning system is typically used in the following scenarios:

REVERSE ENGINEERING:3d-scanning-preview

Customers that have a physical component which does not have the associated CAD can utilise the rapid scanning facility to produce a digital model. Furthermore, parts that have been manually re-engineered can also be related to the original CAD for comparison purposes.


Components can be scanned and then compared with original CAD to ensure measurements and tolerances meet the original specifications. Various reports can then be produced in numerical and visual format.


Prototype or sample parts that have been hand made can be laser scanned in order to reduce production times.

If you would like gf laser to provide a quotation for laser scanning as part of a laser cutting project or as a standalone service, please contact our sales department on 01384 245095 or complete the simple form on the right hand side of this page.

To download a technical sheet on the Faro 3D Laser Scanner please visit our Downloads section.

For more details on the Faro Group and their scanning arms please visit their website

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