What material can you laser cut?

We can cut Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper and Brass. We also laser cut galvanised and coated steels on a regular basis.

What THICKNESSES can you laser cut?

We cut Mild Steel up to 20mm, Stainless Steel up to 12mm, Aluminium up to 12mm & Copper and Brass up to 3mm.

What turnaround times can you offer?

Generally we offer a 3 working day lead time on our flat laser cutting service and a 5 working day lead time on our 5 axis laser cutting service.

What do you need to provide me with a quotation?

We can provide a quotation from existing CAD files such as DXF, DWG or IGS. Our CAD specialists can also use PDF files, sketches or existing components. If you have an enquiry please go to our enquiry form and one of our sales team will get back in touch.

I also need to get my parts folded, can you help?

Yes, we can fold parts up to three metres long using one of our 100 tonne press brakes. We have a wide range of existing tooling but should you require specialist folding we can also purchase new tooling, the cost of which can be amortised across the piece part price. For further information visit our Press Brake section.

Do you have a minimum order charge?

Minimum charges, if applicable, are dependant on several factors but for further clarification please send us your laser cutting enquiry and our sales team will advise you

We need to get our parts painted after cutting, can you help?

Yes, we use one of our Approved Suppliers for powder coating and painting so you can use GF Laser as a single supplier for all your requirements.

If you have any other questions why not call us today on 01384 245095 or email


Can I get a quotation outside of normal office hours?

Yes. You can register for our online quoting service and then obtain quotations any time, any day. Click here to register