Many laser cutting companies don’t like laser cutting aluminium. The reason for this is that the reflective nature of the metal can result in damage to the laser. However, GF Laser have always utilised the advanced settings on their CO2 lasers to provide an aluminium laser cutting service.


Furthermore, GF Laser also cut aluminium using their fibre lasers where reflection is not an issue and the increased cutting speeds make the service even more competitive.

Aluminium Thicknesses

GF Laser offer a laser cutting service of aluminium for 0.5mm thick to 12mm thick. This covers the majority of requirements for laser cutting aluminium, however should you require thicker aluminium profiling then we can also offer waterjet and machining services from one of our approved suppliers.

Other Aluminium Services

In addition to laser cutting aluminium GF Laser also offer a range of ancillary services including folding, drilling and tapping.
Aluminium is used for many industrial applications due to the fact that it is strong, light and resistant to corrosion.



Maximum cutting dimensions:4000mm x 2000mm
Minimum cutting thickness:0.5mm
Maximum cutting thickness (Laser):12mm
Lead Time:24 hour turnaround available, please confirm at point of order
Tolerances:+/- 0.25mm as standard.+/- 0.1mm with prior technical approval
Grades:1050, 5083 and 5251 stocked, other grades available on next day service including treadplate
Cutting Gas:Nitrogen
Secondary Operations:Folding, drilling and tapping
Quality:Approved to ISO 9001:2008 and EN1090 (CE Marked)
Yellow Goods
Construction / Architectural


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