5 Axis Laser Cutting Capacity Available

Our five axis laser cutting division will be adding additional capacity later this month with our latest investment the Trumpf 7040 split cabin 5 axis laser.

The Trumpf 7040 is one of the fastest five axis laser cutting systems available with the operator having the option to set up in one cabin whilst the machine is busy cutting in the other cabin.

The 7040 also has the added option of combining both cabins to give a large overall working area of 4000mm x 1500mm. This is ideal for large pressed parts which cannot be accommodated on smaller lasers.

The new laser is being delivered directly to our new larger premises where it will be commissioned and tested over the next few weeks.

5 axis laser cutting is a viable alternative to manufacturing cutting press tools where the large investment required is not economical especially for low volume requirements. In addition, 5 axis laser cutting can be used for prototype or development purposes where parts can be produced within hours from receiving requirements.

Another benefit of this type of laser cutting is that holes and apertures can be cut into formed components such as pressings, extrusions or spinnings which could not be put in by traditional tooling.

If you have a five axis laser cutting enquiry please send it though to sales@gflaser.co.uk