5 benefits of using laser cutting

Thinking of using a laser cutting service but not sure of the benefits? Here are 5 reasons to choose laser cutting over traditional methods.

  1. Speed: Before laser cutting machines became commonplace in manufacturing the preferred way of cutting metal would have been using a specialist tool. Toolmakers still exist in the UK but laser cutting has pretty much replaced traditional tooling for many manufacturing processes. Traditional tools take time to design and manufacture whereas laser cutting can often be carried out within 24 hours of receiving an enquiry.
  2. Cost: Whilst buying a laser cutting machine is expensive the process of obtaining laser cut parts is much less expensive than traditional machining or tools.
  3. Flexibility: Laser cutting is a flexible manufacturing solution that can be used to cut many different types of material such as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. Although it isn’t a service GF Laser offer some companies also cut non metals such as acrylic or card.
  4. Reduce Stockholding: Because laser cut parts can be produced so quickly many of our customers find that they do not need to hold as much stock allowing them to deploy that capital elsewhere within the business.
  5. Design: This point is especially relevant to 5 axis laser cutting of formed tubes. Before 5 axis laser cutting it was virtually impossible to cut holes or apertures post forming due to the risk of hole deformation. However, it’s a relatively straightforward job for a 5 axis laser to cut into the formed tube giving a clean and consistent hole or aperture.

If you have any questions regarding laser cutting or the associated services we provide please contact a member of the estimating team for further information.