Can you cut bevels with a 5 axis laser? If not why not?

A 5-axis laser system typically refers to a machine that can move a laser head in five different axes of motion. These axes are usually defined as X, Y, Z, and two additional rotational axes (A and B). In theory you should be able to cut bevels or weld preps with a 5 axis laser, however, the reality is different.

The 5 axis laser cells at GF Laser are predominantly used to cut pressings, formed tubes, extrusions and spinnings. A question we are often asked is whether we can cut bevels or holes at an angle in flat material. Although the software allows you to do this when actually cutting the gas escapes from the laser head and material resulting in a sub optimum cut. That’s why we recommend high volume laser bevels, chamfers or angled holes are done via our machining company

Trumpf have released a flat bed laser that does cater for bevels and countersinks. However, as we understand it their are some limitations on this system and as ever we would like to see the technology improve further before we make the investment in a new machine. To learn more about this new laser cutting functionality go to Trumpf’s Edge Line Bevel explanation.

For any questions about 5 axis laser cutting please contact a member of our sales team.