Focus on 5 Axis Laser Cutting

5 Axis Laser Cutting: A Revolutionary Technology in Manufacturing

GF Laser’s business started with a single 5 axis laser cutting machine back in 2006. Since then we have added other services such as traditional flat sheet metal laser cutting and press braking. We also work with a wide range of complementary ancillary service providers in areas such as powder coating and welding.

However, 5 axis remains one of our core offerings and has grown in popularity as the trend to utilising high strength, lightweight, low formability increases. That said many customers are still not aware of how 5 axis laser cutting can help:

In recent years, 5 axis laser cutting has emerged as a game changer in the field, offering greater precision, efficiency and versatility.

In traditional laser cutting, the laser beam is directed onto a flat surface of the material, which is then cut along a straight line. 5 axis laser cutting, on the other hand, allows the laser beam to move in 5 different directions, offering multi-dimensional cutting capabilities. This technology uses computer-controlled motion systems to manipulate the material and the laser beam, allowing for complex shapes to be cut with great precision and accuracy.

One of the major benefits of 5 axis laser cutting is its ability to cut a wider range of materials. This technology can be used to cut metal, plastic, wood, and even glass, making it a versatile tool in various industries. Additionally, 5 axis laser cutting can produce intricate shapes and designs, making it a popular choice for prototyping, product development, and production runs. Please note though that GF Laser only offer laser cutting of metal!

Another key advantage of 5 axis laser cutting is its speed and efficiency. With its advanced technology and computer control, 5 axis laser cutting can complete complex cuts much faster than traditional laser cutting. It also requires less manual intervention, reducing the chances of human error and improving the overall efficiency of the production process.

So, 5 axis laser cutting is a cutting-edge technology that offers a wide range of benefits to the manufacturing industry. From its multi-dimensional cutting capabilities to its efficiency and versatility, this technology has revolutionized the way materials are cut and shaped. If you’re in the market for a laser cutting solution for your pressing, spinning or tube then contact us today.