Manipulated Tube Laser Cutting

Most engineering companies that used metal tubing as part of their day to day manufacturing are aware of the ability to cut straight tube using a laser.

What is less widely known is the ability to use a 5 axis laser to cut tube that is pre-formed.

Why Not Laser Cut in a Straight Form and then Bend?

The main reason for laser cutting formed tube after the forming process has taken place is to avoid distortion of the holes.

In many applications holes or slots are required on or near the bend lines, therefore, the laser cut hole is likely to deform in the bending process rendering the part unfit for purpose.

Laser cutting a formed tube after manipulation gives design engineers far more scope for designing parts with holes wherever they are required.

Applications for Laser Cut Formed Tubes

There are many uses for formed tubes within the manufacturing sectors such as:

Yellow Goods: Typically the laser cut formed tube is painted and then forms parts of a grab handle of a door assembly for vehicles such as tractors.

Seating: The overall frameworks for seating in stadiums often utilise 5 axis laser cutting.

Automotive: Formed tubes are ideal for use in the automotive industry, typically they are used as a brace for engine compartments.

How is the Laser Cutting carried out?

The 5 axis laser cutting of formed tubes differs from traditional flat or tube laser cutting. In most case a holding fixture is constructed using mild steel. The laser head then moves around the workpiece which stays stationary in the aforementioned fixture. This ensures parts repeatability is maintained, companies such as GF Laser also have split cabin production lasers for high volume formed tube laser cutting. For information on our formed tube laser cutting services please visit the dedicated page on our website by clicking here.

Laser Cutting Formed Tube