How much will it cost to get this cut?

A question the team at GF Laser are quite often asked to give a ballpark figure for laser cutting. Whilst we are happy to do this to help customers move forward quickly it’s worth remembering that the cost of laser cutting can vary depending on various factors such as the complexity of the design, the material being cut, the thickness of the material, the size of the overall project and the shipping location.

Generally, laser cutting companies charge based on the following factors:

  1. Machine usage time: The primary factor influencing the cost is the time it takes to complete the laser cutting process. This is typically measured in machine usage hours.
  2. Material costs: The type and thickness of the material being cut can affect the overall cost. Different materials require different laser settings and may have varying levels of difficulty in the cutting process. Typically, stainless steel is more expensive to cut than mild steel due to the fact it uses nitrogen as an assist gas. Cheaper Oxygen gas is used for mild steel laser cutting hence the cheaper laser cutting cost.
  3. Design complexity: Intricate designs or patterns that require more precise cutting and longer processing times may lead to higher costs.
  4. Setup and programming: If your project requires special programming or setup procedures, there might be additional charges associated with that.
  5. Additional services: Some laser cutting service providers may offer additional services such as finishing, polishing, or assembly. These services will typically incur extra costs.

It is difficult to provide an exact cost without specific project details, but for a full quotation or just some advice from our friendly team please contact us today.