Laser Cutting Company

It can be very difficult to choose a laser cutting company given the large number of companies that provide a laser cutting service. Some of the areas you should consider are listed below:

1. Delivery

Always check delivery time-scales before you place an order, many companies offer the cheapest price but offer two week lead times which is often unacceptable  in the fast turnaround service of laser cutting.

2. Quality

Does the company you are going to deal with have the necessary ISO quality approvals? As well as demonstrating a commitment to quality and systems the ISO approval gives you a level of comfort that the company you are dealing with can process your order correctly.

3. Price

Price is one of the key issues when considering a laser cutting company. As well as making sure you gain a competitive price you should also check items such as delivery are included in the quotation. Also, if you require items such as press braking you need to ensure that these are covered correctly and that the laser cutting company correctly understand you requirements.

4. Ancillary Options

Many projects that involve laser cutting are part of an overall assembly that might contain other engineering requirements such as folding, painting or welding. Choose a supplier that can help and advise you on the ancillary operations can save you time and money by reducing the amount of suppliers you need to deal with.

5. Laser finish

Many companies offer a laser cutting service which is cheap and cheerful but the finish of their cut parts is very poor. Make sure you ask your supplier what finish they can offer and ask for some samples before you proceed.

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