Laser Cutting Costs

How are Laser Cutting Costs Calculated?

Like any service laser cutting costs vary from company to company but some of the factors that make up costing include:

  • Material: For flatbed laser cutting GFL generally supply the material for the customer such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. GF Laser obtain their steel from a number of local stockholders and the price usually changes at the start of each month. Whilst we keep stock material in place the price we charge from month to month will vary. Material generally makes up 50% of the cost of laser cutting so designing parts with material utilisation in mind can save a lot of money. For example, the standard sheet size we stock is 2500mm x 1250mm, therefore parts designed to fit into this sheet with minimal wastage will of course be more cost effective.


  • Nitrogen or Oxygen?: These two gases make up the bulk of the laser cutting gas consumption and are used to assist the laser in cutting the material. Generally Nitrogen is used for stainless steel and aluminium and Oxygen is used for mild steel. Nitrogen cutting is far more expensive then Oxygen and more gas is used per millimetre cut. Therefore, cutting stainless and aluminium will always attract a higher cost.


  • Part profile: Because GF Laser cost per hour then a part that is thick, has lots of holes and complicated contours will be more expensive than a part that is simple and quick to cut.


  • Volume: If you want just one part then this will be more expensive, per part, than 1000 parts.  The reason for this is pretty straightforward as the fixed laser cutting costs such as CAD preparation and machine setup will reduce per part as the volume increases.


  • Delivery Costs: GF Laser operate their own delivery vehicles and utilise an overnight pallet delivery service. Pricing for these will be dependent on pallet or box dimension, weight and also speed of delivery


Once you have considered above and would like to get a cost either call a member of the sales team today on 01384 245095 or use our contact form.