Laser Cutting Hourly Rates

Competitive Pricing Structure

The sales team at GF Laser are continuously reviewing their laser cutting hourly rates to ensure they remain competitive without compromising on quality.

Latest Laser Software

The estimators at GF Laser take your drawings, CAD or sketches and utilise the same laser cutting simulation software that is used for production to produce a data sheet. This sheet contains lots of information for the operators but the estimators look at four key areas once the cutting feasibility is confirmed:

Cutting time:        Working out how long the part will take to cut is obviously crucial to calculating any price.

Material Usage:   The software shows the estimator how much material will be used and optimises parts per sheet to ensure that scrap is minimised.

Special requests: Some customers like to specify the types of cutting gas used or even laser stop / start points. This can affect the piece part cost.

Ancillary Operations: The estimators also consider what other operations are required such as press braking, welding, machining or painting.

Standard Quotation

Once all the pricing data is gathered, including steel prices if required, the estimator constructs the quote using our Clarity business process software. Should the customer go ahead the laser cutting quotation stays on file for the production team to refer back to when processing the job.

Fast Turnaround

Laser cutting quotes are often required quickly so the estimating team at GF Laser endeavour to turn quotes around on the same day. The lead times from order placement to delivery vary but our 24/7 operation ensures that we usually have capacity available for same or next day laser cutting.

For a free quotation please call on 01384 245095, email or use the contact form.