Do you have a minimum order charge for laser cutting?

We get many enquiries each month about whether we have a minimum order charge for “one-offs” or low volume laser cutting.

For Oxygen laser cutting we have a minimum order charge of £70.00 and for Nitrogen laser cutting we have a minimum order charge of £120.00. Please note these costs do not include delivery or VAT.

We try to work with customers to decide how best to structure an order to be cost effective. This might include ordering more parts to better cover material charges or changing the material type to something in stock or more readily available.

Why do you have a minimum charge at all?

A typical laser cutting order will entail the following:

  1. Raising of electronic works order detailing the job.
  2. Creation of CAD.
  3. Scheduling of job.
  4. Operator analysis.
  5. Material load.
  6. Cutting.
  7. Quality check.
  8. Packaging & Despatch.

So, as you can see with the 8 steps above, we have a number of costs to be covered for producing a single part. It also demonstrates why sometimes the cost for one part is the same as the cost for 10 parts.

If you do have any further queries on minimum charges or would like a laser cutting quotation for higher volume parts please contact us today by using our laser cutting enquiry form.

Please note we are able to accept payment by credit card as well as BACS.