Local Laser Cutting

What are the advantages of using a local laser cutting company?

Since the Covid pandemic highlighted the fragility of global supply chains the estimating team at gf laser have seen an increase in laser cutting work coming back to the UK.  Much of this comes from companies within a 15 mile radius of Dudley with many laser cutting enquiries coming from West Midlands areas such as Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry. There are many advantages of using a laser cutting company near your location:

Quick Turnaround

The recent global uncertainty relating to shipping having to take longer journeys due to security concerns means that laser cut parts sourced from overseas are taking even longer to arrive than normal. Utilising a laser cutting company in your local area alleviates these issues. GF Laser deliver laser cut parts to all the local areas such as Dudley, Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Coventry. We often deliver on a smae or next day basis.


It used to be that local laser cutting companies were more expensive than those located in emerging market economies. However, the rising production costs in these economies along with ever increasing transport costs mean that the UK laser companies are actually more competitive than their overseas competitors.


In all fairness the quality of overseas manufacturing has, on the whole, increased over the years and many UK companies have benefitted from embedding technical staff full time into overseas organisations. However, quality issues will still inevitably occur and trying to sort issues out with suppliers located thousands of miles away who operate at different times can be frustrating and expensive. Dealing with a laser cutting company near you means that any quality issues can be rectified quickly.

Relationship building

Although the advent of Teams and Zoom have made remote meetings much easier it is still sometimes more appropriate to visit a supplier to go through a new requirement. At GF Laser we have a large meeting room to host customers and we also welcome new and existing companies to take a tour of our facilities along with our sister company Moseley Brothers.

For further details of the laser cutting services we offer to companies in the West Midlands please contact us today.