Specialist Automotive Laser Cutting

As times change, so does our need for safer, more readily available and environmentally friendly means of transport. The Automotive sector has seen this shift and is constantly developing new vehicles with increasingly complex; but overall less components. The advantages are that less material, manufacture and handling are required, resulting in cheaper and more refined end products. We work closely with vehicle manufacturers within this sector to ensure future vehicles will be safe, affordable and sustainable for many years to come.

A prime example of this is a current project we are processing for the automotive sector. This project began relatively modestly but has since grown by a large percentage as a result of an increased demand for the final product. The two individual parts in this project, which we can process on all three of our Flatbed Trumpf Laser machines, use a very specific grade of metal designed especially for the automotive sector to be as strong as possible, whilst also extremely lightweight. By utilising our own in house compressed air, we remain highly competitive without sacrificing on cut quality or cutting speeds.

One of the issues faced at the beginning of this project was how to ensure that the laser cut parts were made available to go into press without adding extra time or handling to an already strict schedule. We worked alongside our customer to put in place a constant rotation of specially designed pallets to hold parts in the orientation required by the next stage of manufacture, direct from the laser machine. By implementing a check off by our Quality department before any packaging began, we guaranteed that all pallets supplied would be in the same orientation as the first customer buy off. This was vital due to a high run rate of pressing, processed automatically by our customer and it eradicated any need for timely human intervention.

As a company that specialises in Laser Cutting, We are one of many, particularly within the West Midlands, offering services to a plethora of sectors and customers across the globe. By working to our strengths and making constant improvements; including new procedures, checking fixtures and investment in the latest technologies, we have become one of the leading suppliers to the automotive, yellow goods and construction sectors