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GF Laser have been providing a laser cutting service since 2006 starting with a single 5 axis laser machine.

Since 2006 the business has grown to become one of the leading laser cutting companies in the UK providing a low and high volume laser cutting service around the clock. In addition to laser cutting we also offer a wide range of ancillary services such as metal folding or metal powder coating.

Powder Coating & Painting Metal

We can deliver anywhere in the UK utilising one of our retained palletised goods couriers or for smaller orders we utilise a number of boxed delivery providers. We are also happy to work with your specialist stillages or packaging requirements and we have the capability to unload up to 5 tonnes via forklift and 20 tonnes via crane.

GF Laser operate modern Trumpf and Amada machinery which are all under maintenance agreements with the original suppliers to ensure that are lasers are as reliable as possible.

We can provide a laser cutting service using a number of assist gas including Nitrogen from our large 30,000 litre tank. We are also experts in cutting with compressed air which is being used more and more often as a cost effective alternative to Nitrogen. We also use Oxygen on a daily basis and can offer Argon with prior arrangement.

Nitrogen Tank for Laser Cutting

The estimating team at GF Laser use the same software as the programming team. This means that we are able to offer competitive pricing by optimising material utilisation and accurately predicting how long any job will take to complete.