Company Background

RheEnergise is a UK company that is developing a new and advanced form of long-duration hydro-energy storage.

Our High-Density Hydro® storage system is low-cost, energy efficient and environmentally benign.

Rather than using water, we have developed a fluid, which is 2½ times denser than water, and which can provide 2½ times the energy when compared to a conventional low-density hydro-power system that operate across the world.

Our R&D work has been supported by the British Government and we are aiming to build our first commercial-scale project within the next 2-3 years.


What were the laser cut parts designed to do?

Each laser cut part formed a 6m contour of landscape to demonstrate the HD-Hydro Long Duration Energy Storage solution.

The contours were taken from a hill in Wales - A typical hillside for HD-Hydro should be at least approximately 200m in height. This 1:1000 scale model allowed us to demonstrate a small prototype facility in situ, demonstrating the buried reservoirs and buried pipes set within the hillside. The weight and quality of materials helps remind visitors how we are using gravity.

By using aluminium, we have a model which can withstand transport and be used over and over again. It is designed in sections to be transported in standard sized wheel suitcases. The brushed aluminium added a touch of quality and should show less wear and tear.

Rheenergise case study 2
Rheenergise case study

Working with GF Laser

It was the first time we have built a model from laser cut aluminium. Simon at GF laser was very patient in explaining the necessary format and scale for the delivery of the design files and helped us get the details right.