4 Metre by 2 Metre Laser Cutting

Large Parts Laser Cutting

GF Laser operate 5 laser cutting machines including the Trumpf 3040 machine which can laser cut large components on its 4 metre by 2 metre laser cutting bed.

The Trumpf 3040 laser is a versatile machine which can cut the following materials and thicknesses:

Mild Steel up to 20mm thick

Stainless Steel up to 12mm thick

Aluminium up to 12mm thick

Brass up to 3mm thick

The Trumpf 3040 laser cutting machine can be used for a variety of industries but is especially useful in the agricultural and yellow goods sectors for heavy machinery where large laser cut parts are required.

Metal Folding

As well as laser cutting GF Laser also have three Amada press brakes to cater for metal folding requirements. The largest press brake compliments the 3040 laser with a bed length of 4000mm and bending capacity of  220 tonnes.

The photo below shows one of the largest parts that have been folded by GF Laser. The part, made from mild steel, is part of a conveyor system and took three people to fold and required a special bracket to lift the part out of the press brake.

If you have any laser cutting enquiries please contact a member of the sales team today.