August 2020 Laser Cutting

Laser Cut Products

Here pictured we have the final highly visible look of Oxygen laser cut 20mm thick mild steel parts produced on our 3030 Fibre 4kw Trumpf laser machine. As these have been processed under the additional ‘Brightline’ settings and nozzle designs on our state of the art machine by our highly experienced laser setter, the overall quality achieved here is second to none. Not only do we produce for automotive and construction sectors, but also for the health and fitness sector to which has seen an unprecedented demand for at home equipment in light of the current country wide situation. Producing these parts in high volume and at a consistent finish level is of great importance to us for our valued customer.

not only do we produce flat laser cut parts, but we also are specialists in processing of formed sections like pressings and spinnings, as well as tubing and hollow section. Pictured here is a section of hollow box section supplied on a free issue basis by our customer which we have, on our 5030 fibre 4Kw five axis Trumpf laser machine cut holes aligned on opposite faces of the section along the full 2.5m length, as well as their company logo on the front face. Each length will later be paired up to create the uprights for gym equipment. Something that is in high demand in the current climate.