Some Examples Of Our Laser Cutting Projects In July

1.5mm mild steel

This photo shows the laser cut part from the video sent across. By using decoiled sheets we are able to ensure that waste is kept to an absolute minimum. Our customer is one of the leading steel processors and suppliers on the globe. The UK, in particular the midlands, is most definitely at the forefront of manufacturing internationally.


These part have been oxygen laser cut on our L20 3030 CO2 laser. Cut from 2mm cr4 mild steel, they will later be folded and used within shops around the country with a hanging rail between them holding your next purchase of a new coat/shirt/ jumper waiting to be picked up and purchased.


This image shows parts which have been oxygen laser cut from 10mm thick S355. To ensure that paint adhesion is not compromised by sharp corners we send these to be vibro – deburred to slightly soften these whilst also removing the oxide layer created from  cutting with oxygen.  The process of vibro – deburring uses moulded pellets inside typically a round drum which, by vibratory movement, causes the pellets to come into contact with parts. This action literally vibrates away excess material and debris. Much like sanding, vibro – deburring can be both a wet and dry procedure.


this image shows a kit of parts, all of which have been oxygen laser cut on our 3.2 kw L20 CO2  and folded on one of our 100 tonne HFE ll Amada press brakes. These parts, once assembled with the outer casing will become a high security safe, with the possibility of being situated anywhere on the globe.


These parts, which have been nitrogen cut on our 4kw L50 fibre laser and then folded in house on our 3 metre press brake are from 1.5mm thick Brass sheet. Once these are with our customer they will be soldered together and polished to create light fixtures.


this panel shown within the photo was a free issue sheet from our customer. Measuring a metre wide by almost 2 metres long. The 2.5mm thick cr4 mild steel was folded to customer specification on one of our two identical brake presses. By including 6 folds in all, this has given the part the added strength required to ensure that it will withstand the daily use as a bed for a bespoke commercial vehicle.