Examples of Laser Cutting Projects In October

This image shows two different designs for decorative Christmas baubles. These 0.5mm thick pieces, which have been Laser cut using Nitrogen gas on our large format Fibre laser from Brass sheets directly from customer supplied cad files, will become an addition to a public displayed Christmas tree later this year. Jingle bells Jingle bells!!

Shown in this image is in fact a 2 gang electrical output cover. Each of these ‘covers’ is free issued to us by our customer as a formed piece with only the ‘fixing hole’ on either side included. Once the datum point has been identified on our fixture, which has been designed and manufactured in house to hold 10 parts at a time, we laser cut each aperture out to produce the finished stainless steel cover.

This image shows 6mm thick pickled and oiled mild steel parts which have been laser cut with oxygen gas on our 3030 CO2 3.2kw machine. As these parts are to be later painted to withstand the environmental elements which, as they are to be supplied for the yellow goods sector. The oxide layer is removed by the deburring process prior to any further operations. The result of removing the oxide layer is to increase the adhesion between the part itself and the paint layer, thus ensuring that these parts are fit for function in many years to come.

This photograph shows a laser cut part from 5mm thick mild steel. Due to the size of this piece, roughly measuring 2.4 metres long by 1.7 metres wide. We utilised our largest format machine; which, with a bed size of 4 metres x 2 metres, was easily able to facilitate the 4 metre long sheets which we sourced from our approved supplier especially for producing these parts.

This picture shows a section of what would later become a sunroof mechanism. By utilising our sister company, Moseley Brothers, we are able to supply these sections fully formed for our customer. Gf Laser begins with flatbed laser cutting the flat blanks of these components before passing them over to Moseley Brothers for pressing. Each part is then 5 axis laser cut by us and once again handed over to Moseley Brothers for re-striking to achieve the final form of the component.

This image illustrates a batch of 8mm thick S355 mild steel parts packed up and ready for despatching via our approved, nationwide delivery service. The parts which you can see here have been supplied to meet our customer requirements to ensure that each part is fit for purpose within the demanding automotive sector.