Feburary 2021 Laser Cutting

Shown in this image is a freshly completed batch of processed form tube. Done on our latest investment in Trumpf fibre technology and the first 5030 4kw fibre laser cell in the country, these parts are destined for use on a very well known brand in the yellow goods sector! From our customer’s free issue manipulated tube, we laser cut the details shown in the image to produce an identical part-time after time.

Pictured here and still warm to the touch, is a sheet of prime 3mm thick CR4 material. As a result of the countrywide pandemic and uncertainties that follow,  which for sanity reasons we shan’t name, sheet materials have seen a sizeable increase in demand to a point where supply has been outweighed. With our network of approved suppliers, we are still able to source materials to specific customer requirements for processing to produce an unwavering supply of high-quality parts for any sector.

As a result of current restrictions and guidelines in place certain premises, like fitness gyms and leisure centres have unfortunately been forced to remain closed for an ever increasing number of weeks. In response to this, fitness enthusiasts and supplying companies have created an increased demand for conventional free weights, outweighing supply capabilities. In response, alternative products have been looked into. Our answer, expertly Laser cut 20mm thick mild steel, using the latest in Brightline technologies from Trumpf and then powder coated product. The first of the two pictures show the Laser cut parts still warm from machine bed after cutting with Oxygen gas. The second shows the very same parts after receiving their highly protective and aesthetically pleasing semi black powder coating! With powder coating available in such a wide array of colour choices, the final finish can be specific to end users taste and requirements.