All about GF Laser – The First 10 Years

GF Laser celebrates its tenth year of trading this year, but who are they and how did they get there?

June 2006 saw GF Laser install it’s first laser cutting machine, this was a five axis Trumpf laser machine that is still in use today. The laser was bought to take advantage of the growing market for low volume laser cut pressings.

The company was founded by three Directors with wide ranging experience in engineering and operations. GFL now employees around 15 members of staff from modern premises based in the West Midlands.

The business has grown over the past 10 years increasing capacity by continually investing in new laser cutting machinery and adding additional services such as press braking. The company has a strong reputation in the marketplace for delivering laser cut parts at very short notice. This is made possible by operating lasers on a 24/7 basis with capacity nearly always available.

GF Laser also has a dedicated Quality Manager who ensures that our systems adhere to ISO 9001 and also continues to monitor the ongoing quality of our Production.

There have been many milestones for the business over the past 10 years. The main areas are detailed below:

2006: First laser cutting machine installed.

2007: Systems Approved to ISO 9001:2008 and have been fully maintained since.

2009: Gained approval to supply Nissan with prototype 5 axis laser cutting.

2010: First flatbed laser installed.

2010: Gained approval to supply Jaguar Land Rover.

2012: First AMADA pressbrake installed.

2012: Gained approval to supply GKN.

2015: High Volume Production 5 axis laser cutting cell set up.

2015: Completed Move to new larger premises.

2015: Nitrogen Generation System installed.

2015: First fibre laser installed.

2015: First 4000mm x 2000mm installed.

2016 Creation of Management Team to take the business through the next stage of growth

What next for GF Laser?

2015 and 2016 have undoubtedly been a very important time in the history of GF Laser with much of the previous year’s hard work by the team culminating in the move to new larger premises.

However, the business continues to monitor the market to ensure it remains at the forefront of laser cutting. Over the next few years GF Laser will be looking at the following areas:

Replacing existing CO2 laser cutting machines with faster fibre laser cutting machinery.

Increasing it’s welding and fabrication offering to customers.

Improvement in Productivity that are passed on to customers through lower costs and even faster turnaround.


Simon Tregillus | Director

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