January 2021 Laser Cutting

shown here is a precision laser cut part from 10mm thick 6082 aluminium! Produced on our state of the art Trumpf 4kw L49 fibre laser using Nitrogen cutting gas from prime sheet material, the finish straight from machine seen here is something that with older technologies cut not have been achieved. By investing in the latest technologies and machinery, in a constantly evolving sector, GF Laser maintains a strong position as one of the leading sub contract laser cutting and sheet metal bending companies in the UK. By utilising the latest technologies we are able to deliver only the highest quality of parts whilst maintaining a competitive price, under the tightest of deadlines for our valued customer base.

With the current country wide situation limiting people’s travel and interactions and seeing the temporary closure of Gyms and leisure venues, we have seen a noticeable increase in the demand for ‘free weights’ from both companies and individuals. This surge in demand has resulted in general cast weights becoming somewhat hard to come by. As an alternative, 20mm thick mild steel is a cost effective alternative. We have from this demand worked with individuals and companies alike to produce these to a wide range of weights and designs. Through careful calculations and the latest software we are able to produce to exact weights and specifications. Something that has been fundamental in this is our ability to produce high quality parts using the additional ‘Brightline’ setting on our Trumpf fibre laser. As you will see, this addition results in an impeccable cut edge to ensure not only great looking parts, but functional ones to.