Metal we cut in December

– This image shows laser cut trial which we have carried out for our automotive customer on our 7040 split cabin five axis Trumpf Laser cutting machine. Each of these bonnets measures roughly 1500mm wide. As this trial requires the cutting of both the internal and external forms, we have both designed and manufactured a separate fixture which holds the bonnet in place in both positions. The apertures cut which have been illustrated within the pictorial allow for the flow of air to cool specific areas on the final vehicle. Also laser cut on these bonnets are the securing holes, and apertures for bonnet catches and race specific quick release pins.



This picture shows mild steel parts which have been laser cut using nitrogen gas. Once the necessary processes have been completed by our customer with these parts. Each 3mm thick component will be used on earth moving machinery within the yellow goods sector. As is the case with many of the various parts which we produce. We are able to provide traceability of both material origin and our processes.



This picture shows laser cut parts by compressed air , which after going through the trial and development of these parts, we are now proceeding with large production volumes. By utilising the specially made pallets from which our customer has provided, we are able to stack these to allow the loading of a pallet onto their machines which would automatically feed each part through the pressing process. Along with the larger component, these parts will be used within the automotive sector and used on new vehicles from a long established manufacturer.