Second Hand Laser Cutting Machine

Is buying a laser cutting machine viable for your business?

Many organisations compare the cost of sub-contracting laser cutting to buying their own machine. However, here are some of the areas to consider:

1. Typically the high capital investment in a laser cutting machine means that the laser has to be run 24/7 to repay the investment. Before purchasing a laser it’s worth making sure that you have enough work to fill capacity or you could end up losing money.

2. There are many running costs associated with laser cutting machines, this includes electricity, gases, compressed air and other consumables such as nozzles. Sub-contract laser cutting companies such as gf laser are able to spread this overhead across their whole customer base giving them a far lower hourly rate.

3. Most laser cutting companies will be supplying steel as part of a flatbed laser cutting service, their buying powers mean that they are probably buying at a lower rate per tonne then will be available to non sub-contractors.

4. Laser programming and operation is not quite as simple as operating other CNC machinery. Often courses from suppliers such as Trumpf and Bystronic are an added cost and can last up to 5 days, given this level of investment  it is also important that the programmers and operators have to keep using the technology on a daily basis in order to maintain their knowledge.

5. Although there are many second hand lasers available on the marketplace many of these machines are 30-50% slower than those using the latest technology. Furthermore, they can be expensive if things go wrong as most suppliers will only offer a six month warranty. Replacing a laser resonator can often cost as much as the purchase price of the second hand laser.

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