September 2020 Laser Cutting

we have a selection of parts fresh off our latest investment, a Trumpf 5030 Fibre five axis laser machine. At time of install this cutting edge machine was the very first in the UK. Bringing increased capability and the latest in technologies to ensure only the very best parts produced. The parts pictured, which are five axis laser cut using nitrogen gas from material pressing, are used in the automotive market on highly desired manufacturers latest models. Through multiple different processes, Flatbed laser cutting, pressing and Five axis laser cutting all done in house, we are able to offer products at unmatched complexity and high quality finishes.

Laser Cut Perforated Aluminium Sheet

In some instances, feasibility can only be determined when physically producing parts. At GF Laser we strife to offer the very best possible service to our customer base. Part of being one of the most highly rated subcontract laser cutting companies in the UK is our flexibility to look to offer trials on projects where perhaps feasibility is questioned at initial stages, or the outcome of parts when lasered is in question. Too often is the case that a build-up of heat and/or the removal of large percentages of material within a certain area alters the state of what the final component would be. Perhaps making it, through no fault, unsuitable for purpose. Here at GF Laser we strife to ensure complete honesty with our valued customers.

Illustrated here is a pressing, made from Aluminium heat shield, specifically designed for use in applications where excessive heat is apparent. Laser cutting the free issue pressings on within our state of the art five axis laser cell, consisting of two Trumpf machines, is something which we do on a regular occasion. Particularly as our sister company Moseley Brothers, are specialists in press forming to a near endless array of designs, this highly capable is the text.